The Hesburgh Program in Public Service seeks to prepare Notre Dame students for an active life devoted to the pursuit of effective and just responses to issues in American society. Students in the program become knowledgeable about the processes and institutions formulating policies in the United States, the tools by which policies are analyzed, implemented and evaluated, and the underlying values of American society. The Program is an affiliate of the Notre Dame Rooney Center for the Study of American Democracy.

President Emeritus Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C., set an example of principled, dedicated public service. To honor Fr. Hesburgh’s commitment to service, the Program educates students about public policy with a special emphasis on values, justice and leadership – a commitment which Hesburgh personified. The Hesburgh Program intends to increase the awareness of the University to the importance of public service and the exercise of leadership roles in society.


"The Hesburgh Minor has been the most enriching educational experience of my time here at Notre Dame....I was afforded opportunities I would have never had otherwise, including spending two summers in Washington DC which included time both at a small nonprofit as well the largest government consulting firm in the country....The minor is recognized on campus as one that provides the skill set and knowledge that can aid its students in discerning careers in everything from policymaking in government to private sector opportunities. Yet beyond this, the program’s greatest impact lies in its encouragement of students to prioritize a commitment public service that will allow us to go forth and do good in a world that certainly needs it."

-Cait O’Connell, Class of 2020